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Earthing is an essential part of any electrical system as it ensures that fault current does not cause damage to appliances or worse still cause electrocution. There are different types of earthing; the conventional earthing and chemical earthing. The conventional earthing is the old method of earthing. With the invent of the chemical earthing, the process of earthing has become more advanced and effective. Chemical earthing, which is also referred to as Gel earthing is more reliable and completely non-bothersome. It can be effectively used at home and in industries.

Earthing is vital in any place where electricity. Its major role is to eliminate electrolytic action from any dynamic or electrostatic discharge that might harm sensitive or any electrical appliances using electricity.


Chemical or Gel Earthing is more advanced than conventional earthing. It has the following advantages when used:

- It is long lasting. lightning arrester in Jarbidge, NV. lightning arrester in Jarbidge, NV. Once installed, it can serve its purpose for over 30 years.
- Since it is long lasting, once installed you will not be worried about electrical faults or budget for them again. You spend money once on it and forget about it for a long time. Isn't that economical?
- There is no maintenance cost.
- It is also friendly to the environment and surroundings
- It is absolutely safe to be used in homes, offices as well as industries. In fact, it can be used to protect both humans and electrical appliances.
- They are economical in terms of the amount of space they occupy.


There are various types of chemical earthing electrodes that are used on different appliances and for different purposes. Each is custom made to ensure that it works well where it is used. These include:

- Galvanized Iron (GI) earthing electrode: This is commonly used for C.N.C and P.L.C machinery. It is designed in a way that it is highly galvanized, has high conductivity and is resistant to corrosion.

- Copper Electrode: These are preferred for most types of earthing because they have a high fault current carrying capacity which ensures that all faults current is taken care of. In fact, they ensure that if any electrical appliance, be it industrial or domestic is safe from conducting fault current even if it has some conductive parts exposed to this current. They also are good at conducting heat and are resistant to corrosion.

- Copper bonded Electrodes: This type has an even coating that has made it more stable in performance. They are highly resistant to corrosion and can last longer in any soil type. It is also strong and unbreakable. It comes in a variety of sizes that suit the various demands of clients.

- Copper bonded rods: There are different varieties; threaded, non-threaded, one side threaded another pointed, or made according to the desire of the customer (custom-made). They have been electroplated and are long lasting. They can be used to ensure fault current does not spoil any electrical appliances.


Lightning can be destructive to both human beings and other electrical appliances. When lightning strikes and causes the abrupt switching off of appliances, it results in transient over voltage.

Lightning arresters can avert this problem by transmitting current from lightning to the ground and ensure the safety of the whole house. E.S.E lightning arresters are specially designed to ensure that they stand all types of weather conditions, they are strong, resistant to corrosion and they have technology that enables them counter lightning. They do not need external power to operate and have been fitted with earthing technology. They are easy to install and comply fully with the industrial standards. You don't have to live in fear whenever lightning strikes, because they are cost effective.

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